Can Electric Pressure Cookers Be Used For Canning?

It is expected to constantly think about using your electric pressure cooker for canning as there are so many ways that a pressure cooker can be brought to use.

Because of how feasible modern pressure cookers are, manufacturers have been able to tell us that we can rely on this appliance when it comes to so many functions for cooking.

If you are not one of those people how to use family pressure cookers that were passed down from the previous generation, then you may not be able to understand the opportunity and innovative tech that modern pressure cookers offer now.

Electric pressure cookers today have graduated from the singular function of basic rice cooking and has grown into an appliance that works excellently for various other purposes like steaming, making cakes, boiling, and Canning?… should canning be added to these other various functions?

Well, that is what this post is all about.

We are going to show you whether an electric pressure cooker can be used for canning or not and why. We are also going to discuss other related factors like the easiest and safest way to can your foods.

Should I use my electric pressure cooker for canning?

Many people who use pressure cookers at home and are ready to explore some of their other functions and versatility are always unsure of whether the appliance is suitable for canning foods.

Others are quick to consider it as a bad idea and this is an understandable angle of reasoning that shows that they know how the electric pressure cooker works, in contrast to a pressure canner.

If you are just looking at your electric pressure cooker and wondering what else the appliance can be used for, that is, what another new task can the appliance be used for, then canning must have probably crossed your mind.

But I am here to tell you that canning is not an ideally suitable cooking task that should be done with an electric pressure cooker, and of course, there are several reasons why electric pressure cookers should not be used for canning.

While there are some electric pressure cookers out there that are multifunctional cookers, have it in your mind that canning is not one of the best tasks for all the electric pressure cookers.

True, there is some kind of food items that can be canned in an electric pressure cooker. However, there is also some no-no situation where electric cookers are bad to be used for canning.

When you have no knowledge about the specs of your electric pressure cooker and how ideal it is for canning, and you do not know if the food you want to can is ideal to be placed in a pressure cooker, then it is best to avoid canning with an electric pressure cooker.

All in all, whether you should use an electric pressure cooker for canning or not depends on the model of your electric pressure cooker and the kind of food item you intend to can in the pressure cooker.

Reasons why electric pressure cookers are not ideal for canning foods

The major reasons why electric pressure cookers are not safe and best for canning food include the level of temperature, heat circulation, spoilage, and of course, the pressure. I will elaborate on these reasons below very shortly.

Now that you know that electric pressure cookers are not appropriate to can food, it is also good to know why it is so. So here are the reasons fully explained.

Level of temperature

For the canning method of cooking, external pressure is not enough. And this is what the pressure cooker will only do best. Pressure cooking dwells more in the stress than the level of temperature.

However, when it comes to scanning, you need to be more concerned with the temperature. If you use a pressure cooker for canning the pressure cooker will not be able to ensure and warmth is given to food inside the containers when it reaches the required stress for canning.

Effective canning will have to work with the right combination of air and heavy steam.

Circulation of heat

If you examine the way the pressure cooker works and the way canners are built to work, you will see that there is a difference that makes the pressure cooker not appropriate for canning.

There has to be the right combination of pressure and temperature for the food to stay canning.

And again, since you will see now way to monitor the actual temperature inside the containers because what is being used is a pressure cooker, so what is the point?


It is most likely that when the temperature is not changed inside the pressure cooker, it will lead to the spoilage of the food and this is a huge phase of canning shortcomings that people who can food want to avoid.

To get the best result of can food, you want to make sure you are using the right items and best treatments.

Another area to consider to buttress that pressure cookers are not ideal for canning food is that they do not have capacity containers in the same way as a pressure canner.

You will not be able to monitor and track the canning process because it is inside a pressure cooker.

Even when you choose to go against all odds to use a pressure cooker to can food, maybe you have no other chance offered, then you also have to be careful on the type of pressure cooker model you use.


The right combination of heat and stress is very significant in wen canning foods, especially low acid foods. And this is an area that is a big No-no for pressure cookers.

When canning foods like low acid food, the right combination of stress and heat is necessary not only for cooling down the containers but also to help the canning process.

The cooling time of the pressure cooker when used for canning is reduced even when the warm mode is turned off. Although, the benefit is that germs and microorganisms will be killed while it stayed under heat.

And like I have pointed out a time or two that is is impossible to track or detect when stress inside the pressure cooker is minimized.

I have made it clear to you that electric pressure cookers are not ideal and appropriate for canning foods. Some other experts will advise you to go ahead with it and even give you guides on how you can use a pressure cooker for canning food.

Well, it is a yes and no answer because having given all these reasons why a pressure cooker is not appropriate for canning foods, I can still tell you that there are no hard feelings if you still choose to use your pressure cooker to can food.

The important thing here is that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions, always. In most cases, the manual will contain details about the pressure cooker that will state clearly whether you can use the pressure cooker for canning or not.

What is the best and safest way to Can Foods apart from pressure cookers?

The canning method of cooking is a very useful and preservative method of exploring food items and their recipes. The method, when done with the right items and best treatments, helps to preserve vegetables and other such ingredients for longer.

There are some approaches to canning food and these do not include the use of an electric pressure cooker.

The most recommended way to go about canning foods is the water bath and other pressure canning methods.

I can tell you, however, that bathroom canning is the best one to choose from among every other method.

Wrapping up

The pressure cooker is among the best kitchen appliance to add to your modern-day kitchen or cooking area.

They are super versatile and if you are lucky to have a multipurpose one, then you will be amazed at just how many cooking tasks they can come in handy.

But in the case of canning foods, it Is clear that it is not among the best functions of electric pressure cookers.

While most of these pressure cookers have been designed with the required power to efficiently work on any kind of food ingredient to give the cooks the satisfaction they deserve, canning in a pressure cooker is quite a different ball game and is fully not recommended.

Canning foods like other functional modes of steaming or boiling and so on in an electric pressure cooker may not be like a big deal or bad idea.

But when you consider the reasons explained above, you will see that pressure cookers are not the best approach for canning foods.


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