Do Pressure Cookers Explode?

I have spent so much time on the internet just to look for any image or video that shows the state of a pressure cooker when it explodes. And, sadly, I have not come across any.

There are several articles online that explain are harmful pressure cookers are for home use. While this is not entirely true, I want to state it point black here that a pressure cooker can explode.

However, this can not be clearly stated when considering the innovation of new high tech pressure cookers in the market today.

In this post, I am going to be addressing a very controversial question of whether a pressure cooker can explode or not. And to be honest, the answer is quite theoretical.

Since most pressure cooker manufacturers would not want to pose a bad image to their customers, they try their possible best to include safeguard measures when building their pressure cookers.

This post contains how you can prevent a pressure cooker from exploding as well as the safety measures to take when using any type of pressure cooker.

If this is going to be your first time using a pressure cooker, and you want to be very careful not to make the pressure cooker explode even at first use, then you should focus on knowing more about your appliance and how it should be properly used.

A pressure cooker is made up of a pot, a lid, and a release value. When pressure is built in the pot up to a very dangerous level, there is a potential threat of the pressure cooker blowing up.

It is for this reason that there is a release valve in pressure cookers where steam is released to keep the pressure from building such levels.

I can not answer that pressure cookers can explode especially when we consider the innovation of modern pressure cookers. Yes, most modern pressure cookers feature a safety release hole.

This safety release hole in the pressure cookers is made with a rubber plug that will shoot up if the steam vent gets closed. If you are interested in seeing a pressure cooker explode, then take the risk of removing this safety feature and replace it with a solid plug.

You should not do this though. I am just trying to emphasize how it is impossible for a pressure cooker to explode because the pressure release hole is included.

Now that I have been able to successfully lay the foundation of understanding the possibility of a pressure cooker exploding or not, we can now proceed to the answer to today’s question.

So what are the chances of a pressure cooker exploding?

Pressure cookers were once a very dangerous group of home appliances to use. The first manufactured set of pressure cookers, before what we now have as modern cookers were not safe to use and could explode with any slight mistake when in use.

Before the improvement of pressure cookers in terms of safeguard measures and technology, those were not safe to use. Most of the models were inferior and made with low quality that could get burnt any time.

When speaking about modern pressure cookers, I can clearly say that most of these models are safe to use. In contrast, those who are still using ancient and old pressure cooker models should be more careful when using the appliance because most of them do not come with any safety features.

Some of the common problems we usually hear from users of these sets of pressure cookers usually include exploding pots and flying lids, damaged kitchens, and serious injuries.

Many thanks to the development of pressure cookers today. Most of these models that are being sold today are built with enough safety measures.

The tragedic history that is laced with the use of pressure cookers in the past has made many people steer away from the use of this appliance.

But now that new models of pressure cookers with advanced safety features are being manufactures, they are becoming many home cooks favorites for preparing major home dishes.

Even though you are using the best pressure cooker on the commercial market today, it is important to know about the essential safety tips to practice when using pressure cookers at home or in any given cooking area.

Safety tips for using a pressure cooker – Pro advise

There are still people who are scared of using a pressure cooker in a modern-day kitchen. People have shared bitter experiences with pressure cookers from spewing when cooking spaghetti with the appliance to an explosion of the lid.

But by understanding the essential safety tips for using a pressure cooker, you will be able to handle and use the appliance like a pro without any need to fear or worry.

If you are among the lucky ones who can afford a modern high-tech advanced pressure cooker, I can tell you that there is absolutely nothing to be worried about.

Like I have mentioned earlier, modern pressure cookers have lids that are designed with locks that must be activated before the pressure builds. They have been designed not to open until the pressure inside has been released.

Irrespective of all these safety features that have already been put in place, here are the important  things to take note of when using a pressure cooker.

Checking the equipment and pressure cooker parts

It is always important to check that there is no dried food on the rim of the pot as it could break the seal. The ring of the rubber that lines the lid of the cooker which is also called the rubber gasket should be checked to see if it is cracked or dried. If in any case it is dried, then you should get or order an extra one to keep for replacement.

Add enough liquid to the food in the pressure cooker

Two things are important when pressure cooking – your timing and the amount of liquid you add into the pressure cooker pot. A pressure cooker requires the right amount of liquid to work the steam that will cook your food.

If you are following a particular food recipe, then you will just have to follow the cooking instructions. A pressure cooker requires a minimum of 1/2 cup of water or other liquid.

Almost all the food that can be cooked in a pressure cooker should not be filled to the brim. It is, in fact, not advisable to overfill your pressure cooker.

Ideally, the pressure cooker should not be filled with more than two-thirds of liquid.

The reason why you should take the liquid adding precaution very seriously is that you want to avoid the possibility of food blocking the vents.

Be careful when releasing pressure

First of all, you should be careful not to use your bare hands when handling a pressure cooker that has just been used.

Now for safety releasing pressure, there are three ways to go about it.

You can choose to run cold water over the lid of the closed pan which is also called the cold-water release, or you can simply remove the cooker from the heat and allow it to sit until the pressure goes down.

Another way to go about releasing pressure safely is to allow the pot’s steam release valve to expel the steam

Cleaning and proper maintenance of pressure cooker

Unlike every other type of kitchen appliance, the pressure cooker requires a kind of more technical process of cleaning and maintenance.

The gasket should be removed and wash separately. The same thing goes with the lid and pot of the pressure cooker.


The good news is that most of the pressure cooker models on the commercial market today are safe to use than ever.

With the advanced technology in most models today, you can even leave the pressure cooking part of the food preparation for your kids to handle.

New users can quickly grasp the basics of using pressure cookers because they are easy to use and operate.

If we were in the past, I’d say you should be extra careful not to allow your pressure cooker to explode when using it.

But now, I can advise you to not be discouraged by the past events and experiences of the old pressure cooker and their users.

Pressure Cookers are versatile and will go a long way in helping you prepare sumptuous meals in no time and without hassle compared to the conventional method of cooking food at home.


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