How To Use A Pressure Cooker For Beans

To begin with, using a pressure cooker to cook beans is one of the simplest tasks you can perform with a pressure cooker.

Read on to know more about using a pressure cooker for beans as well as the DOs and DONTs of pressure cooking beans at home.

Pressure cookers are super versatile in our kitchen. They become seen as a precious blessing to have in the kitchen when you discover how to prepare beans using the pressure cooker.

After reading our post on the food items and recipes you can use a pressure cooker to prepare, you may want to know how beans are cooked in a pressure cooker and that is what this post is all about.

One lovely thing I love about pressure cookers is that they are time-saving especially when cooking food items that take a longer time to do with the use of a conventional cooking method such as Beans.

The pressure cooker will be your buddy in the kitchen when you plan to make recipes like Black Bean Tacos, Minestrone, and Tex Mex Stuffed Peppers. The pressure cooker allows you to cook beans for these dishes without any need to presoak.

So without wasting your time, we will go straight to the breakdown process of how to use a pressure cooker to cook beans.

Step by step guide on how to cook beans in a pressure cooker

As I have mentioned earlier, the process of using a pressure cooker for beans is very simple, and if you are already used to using a pressure cooker for all your dishes, then this should not seem like something of a big deal.

Follow the steps below to make instant pots of beans without hassle

Step one: you want to make sure you inspect your dried beans closely to check that there are no rocks that have snuck in! You will also need to rinse and sort your dried beans.

Step two: Add one pound of dried beans into the pressure cooker pot and include 8 cups of water in it. Remember what I mentioned in my previous post about overfilling your pressure cooker and how bad it is. So you want to make sure you go by a particular recipe or standard measurement of beans and the liquid to be added.

Step three: cook the beans in the pressure cooker on high pressure making use of the directed time and wait for the cooking time to release.

Step four: allow the pressure to release once the pressure cooker reached its cook time. This should take about 20 minutes before trying to do a quick release of pressure.

Step five: to make the beans easier to digest, add in a splash of apple cider vinegar and salt after the beans have finished cooking.

How long does it take beans to cook in a pressure cooker?

The duration of cooking beans in a pressure cooker will vary depending on the type of beans you are cooking. While I have made proper research on this, I have also carried out some practicals to check how long each of these bean types takes to cook in a pressure cooker.

For example, black beans take 30 minutes to cook on high pressure, while Chickpeas takes about the same time or 10 minutes more.

While navy beans take 30 minutes to cook in a pressure cooker on high pressure, pinto beans on the other hand will take 25 Minutes on High Pressure as well.

Cooking beans in a pressure cooker: Pro Advice

So in addition to knowing the `process of using a pressure cooker to cook beans, I will show you tips for cooking beans in instant pots because it is slightly different from how you cook other types of food items.

Before you operate any pressure cooker, not just for beans but any other food, make sure that you go through the manual of the pressure cooker. You can not assume that you know enough about a pressure cooker model that you avoid reading the instruction guide.

I should also repeat that it is not safe and ideal to fill your pressure cooker more than two-thirds full with solid food. When cooking beans in a pressure cooker, make sure you add enough water following the recipe you are working with.

It is usually advised that you should soak the beans for a minimum of 4 hours before cooking. The beans should be properly rinsed after soaking before it is transferring it into the pressure cooker pot.

Adding oil to your beans when pressure cooking prevents the beans from foaming and clogging the steam vent of the pressure cooker.

Frequently asked questions on cooking beans in a pressure cooker

How do I properly flavor beans when using a pressure cooker? 

I like people who love preparing tasty beans in a pressure cooker, you should not just settle for cooked beans that are dried alone in the water.

While it is optional to add taste and seasons to your beans while cooking with a pressure cooker, I fully encourage it. It is very simple.

Just add half an onion and bay leaf to the beans and water that has been placed in the pressure cooker pot before setting the pressure.

It is only when your beans have been cooked that you can add salt or any homemade taco seasoning of your choice. You do not want your beans to be too hard to break down when cooking in the pressure cooker

When cooking beans and you intend to add seasoning, you can think of adding dried pinto beans, onions, bay leaves, and garlic cloves with water and salt to the side.

What amount of dried beans should I cook for a recipe?

You can make use of the measurement of 2 cups of beans for a recipe as they are the same thing as one pound of dried bean. But I want you to have at the back of your mind that dried beans tend to increase three size its size when cooked.

This says much about the measurement that for either one pound or two cups of dried beans will have you cook about six cups of cooked beans.

Some other beans cooking recipe amounts to 3 cans of cooked beans as equivalent.

How can I properly store leftover beans?

So many people do not have an idea of how they can store leftover cooked beans. The ideal way to keep this, but not too over long beyond five days maximum, is to put it in the refrigerator.

I can recommend that you store the beans with cooking liquid. Yes, it makes it similar to how those canned beans look and taste. This helps the beans to remain moist so that all you will need to do before serving is to simply drain.

Another recommendable option for storing leftover beans is to freeze them in 1 to 2 cup portions in freezer-safe bags and this can stay for as long as three months without spoilage. And yes, just like the other methods, it is good to add a little amount of liquid to the beans.


Pressure cooking is a great and the easiest and quickest way to cook your beans at home, beans that need to be super soft after cooking can be cooked for additional 10 minutes on high pressure.

Before we put a full stop to this post, I feel compelled to mention again here and now that you put yourself and your pressure cooker in a pretty dangerous position when you fill the inner pot of your pressure cooker more than ½ full when cooking beans.

Also, if you want your beans to retain their shape then you should allow the pressure to release naturally.

I hope that this guide has solved and answered your question about cooking beans in a pressure cooker. If you have ever done this, feel free to share your experience in the comment section so that we can all learn from you.


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