Best Pressure Cookers For Canning (2021 Top Review)

If there were polls here, 80% of voters will agree that they have at some point used acids to preserve foods like meat and vegetables.

Canning is a method of preservation, which involves the application of heat to your food so as to kill micro organisms which facilitate food spoilage. The food to be caned is usually sealed in a jar, so air does not come in contact with it.

When foods are canned, they could go on having a shelf life of up to five years, without getting bad. Addition of acids to canned goods reduces the pH, thereby making it inhabitable for microbes. However, many of these preservatives are very dangerous for our health and could result into major  complications.

But how do you can your foods when you don’t have pressure cookers for canning?

As a result, another option was sought for and discovered. It is “Pressure Canning”. Pressure Canning is still the safest method for Canning foods, especially vegetables, poultry, sea food, meat, dairy, fruits etc.

 These are mainly low acidic foods and can be pretty ceased using a pressure canner at 240°F. High acidic foods can only be processed using a pressure using a boiling water bath canner. They include jam, apple sauce, apple butter, pear butter, tomatoes etc.

In the next heading, I will be discussing the major things you need to know about Pressure Canners. You will not find this elsewhere because it is not a regular discussion topic.

Things you should know about Pressure Canners

Pressure Canning is regarded as the safest preservation method, just like I mentioned earlier. It has not even a single side effects on your health. 

But, do you Know that, a lot of nutrients are lost during pressure Canning. The extreme temperature leads to their loss, and they can’t be recovered anymore. This is ok! In as much as you consider your health a priority, then you can go for pressure Canning.

Second, pressure Canners consume a lot of space in the house. Before you buy a pressure canner, ensure you have enough space to store the jars as well as itself. This will prevent the occasion of piling your kitchen up. 

Also, make sure that any canner you intend to buy can accommodate small and large jars. That is to say, size is paramount.

In addition, pressure Canners come with a locking lid, pressure gauge and pressure vent. The function of the locking lid is quite self-explanatory. It helps to keep hot air trapped in the canner to avoid evaporation.

This process raises the temperature of the content, due to its increasing pressure. The pressure gauge is used to measure the internal pressure, thereby maintaining a consistent pressure over an extended period.

A pressure cooker and pressure canner are very much different from each other. Pressure Cookers for canning are way smaller than pressure Canners, and the two equipments cannot be used interchangeably.

 Also, a pressure cooker does not come with a pressure gauge, which of course, a pressure canner has. So let’s go ahead and see the best Pressure Canners we have in store for you. I bet you will love them.

Best Pressure Cookers For Canning in 2021

We discovered 4 best pressure cookers that can be used to can your food. The pros and cons of each cooker have also been mentioned below.

1. Presto 01781 23-Quart Pressure Canner or Cooker

Best pressure canner

Now, you are able to can fruits, mest, poultry, and seafood with enough confidence. You do not have to be scared of risking your food getting spoilt at the end of the day. This product doubles as a boiling water canner for preserving many perishable foods.

It comes with a pressure gauge which is very easy to read. It automatically registers a complete range of processing pressure. All the readings are exact and accurate. You cannot encounter any error, except of course, human error.

The air vent/cover on top ensures that the canner cover is closed properly. The internal air pressure can only be built when the cover is closed properly. This will also prevent the cover from opening until the pressure has been safely reduced. Removal of cover without reduction in pressure can lead to major accidents in the kitchen.

This cooker from Presto is constructed of extra strong aluminium and is suitable for use on regular and smooth top ranges. It also comes with a Canning rack and complete canning guide and recipe book.

However, the dial gauge is very delicate. So, you should check the accompanying booklet for maintenance instruction. Also, the vent pipe is simple to clean, using a small brush or pipe cleaner. For the cooker itself, non-abrasive cleaners are best for its cleaning.

Product Information

Product Dimensions – 15.4 × 15.1 × 14.8 inches

Item weight – 12 pounds

Department – Kitchen and Dining

Manufacturer – Presto


Model number – 01781

Material – Aluminium

Colour – Silver

Capacity – 21.8 litres

Reasons to buy

  • The cooker and vent can be cleaned easily using simple materials
  • Product is very durable

Reasons to avoid

  • No warranty stated by manufacturer


2. T-Fal Pressure Cooker, Pressure Canner with Pressure Control

Tfal pressure cooker with control

Aluminium, which is known to be a very good conductor, is used in the production of this canner. This allows the food-to-be-canned hest up quickly, thereby reducing cooking time. Likewise, the Aluminium material also offers rust proof performance ensuring the Durability of the product.

The cooker’s selective pressure control maintains a steady internal pressure while it’s vent tube on the lid allows for proper steam release. This pressure cooker comes with a spring safety device which disallows the pressurization of the cooker when it has not been closed tightly.

 It also includes a reusable over pressure plug, to assist if more pressure release is required from the cooler.

There is a deluxe pressure gauge dial to allow you monitor the cooker pressure easily. To prevent food from sticking to the bottom of the pressure canner, a provision of two cooking racks were included. It also helps in maximizing canning space.

This heavy gauge, rustproof polished Aluminium, 22 quart stovetop canner and pressure cooker offers time and cost savings with a deluxe pressure gauge dial for easy pressure monitoring. 

The T fal 22 Quart polished Aluminium pressure cooker and canner is a great choice for beginners and experienced cooks and canners alike.

Product Information

Product Dimensions – 19.33 × 15.39 × 16.26 inches

Item weight – 14.77 pounds

Manufacturer – Grouped SEB


Brand – T fal

Material – Aluminium

Color – silver

Capacity – 20.82 litres

Reasons to buy

  • It is easy to use
  • It comes with a 5-point security system

Reasons to avoid

  • Canning capacity is low compared to other canners


3. Buffalo QCP420 21-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

Bufalo stainless steel pressure canner

The Buffalo QCP420 Pressure Cooker and Canner is manufactured in Malaysia. It is made exclusively from Buffalo clad, which makes its thermal conductivity very fast and greater than that of the conventional stainless steel cookware. It comes in a German gear with mortise and tenon joint design.

This Pressure cooker is suitable for use on gas stoves, electric stove, induction cooker and ceramic furnace. You might be wondering if this is possible. But, the canner comes is a light weight design, making it recommendable for any cooktop.

Also, the product has a pressure indication valve, to enable you release the internal pressure easily. It also comes with an emergency pressure relief safety device. This and other safety features, help keep you and family safe at all times. To guaranty its safety, it is certified by the Japan Safety Goods (SG) and ISO. 

If you will overlook any thing in this cooker, then it will be the price. The shiny look alone is enough to compel you to purchase the product.

Product Information

Product Dimensions – 16 × 12 × 14 inches

Item weight – 13 pounds

Manufacturer – Buffalo


Model number – QCP420

Brand – Buffalo

Material – Stainless Steel

Colour – Silver

Capacity – 11.36 litres


4. Zavor ZPot 10 Quart 15 PSI Pressure Cooker and Canner

Zpot quart cooker

Though, we can say that a lot of nutrients are lost during pressure Cooking, but some nutrients are actually conserved. This particular pressure canner ensures the conservation of major nutrients which would have been lost in other cookers. The flavour of the canned food is always preserved likewise.

The attractive body is constructed of high quality stainless steel. It is 100% compatible with all domestic stoves which include gas, electric, ceramic, and induction hobs. The cooker comes with an intuitive pressure regulator knob, with a high pressure position, making it to cool food 70% faster.

It also comes with a “release” position that automatically releases pressure after cooking and a clean position to remove the knob for cleaning. This cooker throughout the canning process, maintains a single pressure level of 15 PSI. The pressure canner can also be used for water bath canning.

In summary, Zavor combines quality, functionality, and affordability to bring you a superior cooking experience. The products from the brand are easy to handle and operate by kitchen novices and expert chefs alike.

Product Information

Product Dimensions – 17.7 × 10.7 × 10.4 inches

Item weight – 7 pounds

Manufacturer – Market Solutions Group, Inc.

Model number – ZCWSP03

Brand – Zavor

Material – Stainless Steel

Colour – Silver

Capacity – 10 quarts

Reasons to buy

  • Suitable with all stove tops
  • Cooks and cans food 70% faster

Reasons to avoid

  • Cannot serve more than 8 people at a go


We have reviewed the best pressure canners in this article, these pressure cookers are the best for canning meats, veggies, etcetera.

If you have any questions or concerns about getting your next cooker, leave a comment below.

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