Why Are Solar Cookers Painted Black From Inside?

Following my recent post where I explained the types of solar cookers available, I made a little digress on why solar cookers are painted black from inside and I promised to do justice to the question in another post, and here is it!

If you are wondering why solar cookers are painted black from the inside, and also want to know more about the cooking mechanism of solar cookers, then this is the right post.

Solar cookers direct sunlight energy to heat food, thereby cooking them or pasteurize drinks and other food materials.

They are low-tech devices that are usually inexpensive and that is why they are rapidly becoming everyone’s favorite.

By the definition of a solar cooker, you should know that it does not require fuel or electricity.

Since large-scale solar cookers can cook for hundreds of people, and in the spirit of knowing how a solar cooker works in heating food items, many people want to know why the low tech appliance is painted black from inside.

The color black does not allow heat to escape, it is best for absorbing heat and that is why the solar cooker is painted black for the appliance to be able to absorb maximum heat energy from the sun. The interior surface of a solar cooker is painted black as they serve as excellent absorbers of radiation

Food will be cooked easily with the solar mechanism because the black surface will effectively trap more heat inside a solar cooker.

There is a good reason why in recent times, solar cookers have been getting a whole lot of good impressions and hype.

If you want to reduce your use of fuel or electricity and keep your kitchen area cool, then using s solar cooker is a good option. It is a cool alternative to using a conventional stove.

There are more things you should know about solar cookers if you are planning to work with one or buy a new one. This is beyond knowing that they are painted black from inside and they make use of sunlight to cook food.

There are now more and more options to choose from the types of solar cookers to meet your cooking needs.

You can read my recent post HERE where I explained all the types of solar cookers available in the commercial market today and which one will work best for your needs.

There are now solar cookers in ovens form that can bake a Turkey and they are also stoves that can cook a meal under clouds and snow.

So apart from knowing that solar cookers are painted black from the inside, you should consider some things to be sure that a solar cooker is ideal for your cooking needs.

Using a solar cooker requires you to have good continuous sunlight where you intend to cook and you also have to be willing to change cooking habits to adapt to new technology.

Solar cookers painted black from the inside – Benefit of using solar cookers

It is a less expensive method of cooking

Solar cooking is free. The only time you will spend money is when you purchase a new solar cooker or you spend money to buy material used in making one for yourself.

With a solar cooker, you no longer need to spend heavily on fuel, electricity, or battery.

When using another conventional method of cooking, there are movable parts that may break during the working process and may require repairs which may cost times two of the amount used in buying the appliance.

But there is no such when using solar cookers. No running cost because it is a free cooking method.

A quick and easy method of cooking

The process of using a solar cooker is as easy as explaining how the cooking process works.

In most cases, all you will have to do is chop up a variety of things, throw them in the pot and let them cook.

Indeed, food takes longer to cook in a solar cooker but the process, as well as the clean-up, is simple and easy.

There is no sad story of having overcooked food when using solar cookers.

You cook healthier food with solar cookers

The inside of solar cookers is painted black for a good reason.

They help to absorb heat efficiently and make food cook with low heat.

Hence, the vitamins and other nutrients present in the food item are not broken down and are preserved.

You cook more sumptuous food with solar cookers

When you begin to use solar cookers, you will see that the result is more sumptuous and delicious than when you make use of conventional cooking methods.

The only possible way you will spoil your dish will be the area of seasoning and nothing to do with cooking the food in the solar cooker.

Expect everything else to flavorful, moist, and delicious when using a solar cooker because the slow nature of cooking is all the food needs to come out fantastic.

Solar cooking is a quieter method of cooking

Solar cookers are not powered by generators, they do not have any movable or rotating parts that may bring about the noise.

No smelly fumes when solar cooking and no noise whatsoever.

All you need is the right amount of exposure to sunlight and your solar cooker.

Solar cookers are portable and space-saving

I put my solar cooker anywhere I want because they are portable. Solar cooking ovens are portable and can be kept where you can keep eye on them.

This makes them space saving too for storage.

If you are lucky and using solar cooking ovens that have fold-up features, that’s good.

If not, you can simply attach it to a safety rail.

I have seen someone take a solar cooker to the beach and set it beside him, cooking and enjoying a lazy day.

You have the best options for solar cooking than ever.

Almost anything can be cooked in a solar cooking oven

At this point, you should know that solar cooking ovens are not just made to cook only vegetables, with solar cooking you can slow cook other food items like meat and also make bread.

Another useful way to use your solar cooker is for warming your leftover food from dinner last night. The process may take time, for like half an hour but it is worth the time.

I won’t feel safe to tell this to someone who is angrily hungry in the morning, though.

Cooking with sustainable energy

There is no better and assured method of cooking than when it is from a sustainable source that you do not pay a dime for.

The process of using a solar cooking oven to cook food with the sun also contributes to making you more self-sufficient.

Sun is sustainable energy and you can continue to use your solar cooker, so long there is a decent amount of exposure to sunlight.

You can spend money buying most food out there, but it is indeed worth appreciating that it will not cost us any penny making these food items ourselves with the use of a solar cooking oven.


Now that you know a lot about solar cookers, and you now know why they are painted black from inside, you can agree that they are a great method of cooking mechanism that is not only cost-effective but also low-tech easy to operate.

Choosing a solar cooker for use will depend on your cooking needs, your cooking area, and your budget. And guess what?

There is also a DIY approach to having a solar cooker, that is, you can make your own. I will be putting out a guide very soon on how to make your solar cooker at home. Stick around by subscribing to our newsletter, and thanks for reading.

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